Upgrade Pro Basic License

Upgrade Pro Basic License Upgrade Pro Basic License
Primary note:
Using templates requires the user to own a legal license/ access to suitable hardware and software. Adobe After Effects as well as third party plugins are needed, informations you kindly can find from template's product information.

Pro Basic

  • fee based template
  • unlimited in time usage until revocation by author
  • unlimited uploads
  • permitted platforms: all, except usage for TV-commercials, DJ-events and other public events  
  • obligatory backlink to author (www.youtube.com/nonameartztv)
  • monetization permitted for private and public sharity only, (commercials e.g. trailer or overlays)
  • non-exclusive user permissions
  • no support services are provided
  • any changes excepted as on each template announced by product description or readme file are prohibited
  • it is permitted to cost free forwarding related templates including readme file and author's information only
  • distribution, redistribution, reselling or remarketing of templates nor to any of its output product by third party is strictly prohibited
  • userrights and/or author's rights can be transferred by author only
  • all proprietory rights are reserved