Upgrade Exclusive License

Upgrade Exclusive License Upgrade Exclusive License (en)

Using templates requires the user to own a legal license/ access to suitable hardware and software. Adobe After Effects as well as third party plugins are needed, informations you kindly can find from template's product information.

  • fee based template
  • exclusive Userrights will be guaranteed for 10 years, period starting from day of purchase. Until then, no one else will be able purchasing one more licenses besides you. Previously sold non exclusive rights could be on the market and cannot be rejected. 

  • can be booked on any template at least Pro-Basic-License or higher

  • unlimited uploads
  • permitted platforms: all, except usage for TV-commercials, DJ-events and other public events

  • 30 days eMail-support, no remote acces or hotline

  • tutorials are provided

  • also XML-file provided

  • monetization use permitted e.g.commercials, trailer or overlays

  • modifications at purchased project are alllowed

  • distribution, redistribution, reselling or remarketing of templates nor to any of its output product by third party is prohibited strictly

  • it is prohibited to forwarding any templates or its output products for reuse in any case, not to third party nor partner-, sub-, daughter- or any other related company or at any other conestellation similar to that like department an so on

  • all proprietory rights are reserved